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The Mechanik S company was established in 2006 as a result of the combination of many years of experience and extensive expertise of specialists in the area of design, manufacture and sale of hydraulic cutting presses. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we design and build machines, provide additional instrumentation, modify the machines and design innovative solutions. As a result of this, our products now enjoy well-deserved recognition amongst buyers worldwide.

In recent years, the manufacturing companies using cutting presses started to demand advanced machines conforming to the EU requirements regarding safety, noise level and environmental protection. In response to this, Mechanik S proposes products tailored to your needs.

We continuously strive to improve our services regarding the manufacture of cutting presses. Year on year, we gain an ever increasing share of the industrial market by introducing innovative solutions, high reliability and quality.


Our manufacturing strategy:

  • Sale of new cutting presses:

The cutting presses sold by us are adapted to individual needs of the client owing to, among other things, the large selection of tools and instrumentation for the machines. Our products come with the CE quality mark. We provide a warranty for new machines. Our latest machines include MSP 2000 (cutting press patented by us) and DEXA 1600.

  • Sale of reconditioned machines:

The most important advantage of purchasing reconditioned equipment is the opportunity to use top-class equipment for a considerably lowered cost. Machine overhaul involves the replacement of control units and other components with advanced and reliable solutions. Often, the only part of the original machine left in the final product is the frame. Reconditioning is an attractive alternative to new machines primarily due to the costs, which amount to approximately 50% of the cost of a new machine, while the quality and production efficiency are comparable. Reconditioned equipment meets the highest standards, often surpassing the technology used in new equipment of less reputable manufacturers. Often, reconditioned equipment is more expensive than new equipment of a lesser brand because the machine is reconditioned using better and more expensive components and more advanced technology.

  • Design and manufacture of special machines:

Mechanik S specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made machines for many branches of industry, e.g.: food industry, paper industry or construction industry. Our clients are provided with innovative equipment based on the latest technologies and made from the best components available globally.

  • Automation of production processes:

On the European market, the time of work of the personnel is one of the most important factors affecting the final price of the product. Automation enables increased output and improved quality of industrial manufacturing. Some of the equipment manufactured by us has improved the speed of specific processes as much as tenfold.

  • Adaptation of machines to current safety requirements – CE marking:

Old machines as well as a considerable portion of Chinese products do not meet EU requirements. Our company modifies the machines and prepares new documentation to meet the safety requirements. Our work is confirmed through the issue of a relevant certificate.

  • Machine documentation:

We also sell technical documentation for cutting presses, shoe-making machines, machine tools and other special machines. We offer over 1000 different titles in several languages. Upon request, we also prepare electronic versions of documentation and manuals.

  • Repair and Maintenance Department:

The Repair and Maintenance Department of our company consists of skilled specialists working in a well-outfitted workshop. Our specialists continuously hone their skills and are able to carry out competent and professional repair, comprehensive inspection and maintenance. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we also provide services at their premises.

  • Sale of tools and materials for the cutting presses:

We have broad experience in the selection of cutting dies and cutting boards. The use of suitable tools improves efficiency while reducing operating costs.

  • Sale of parts for shoe-making machines and special machines:

Our offering includes over 25000 machine parts, and the number of all items in the warehouse exceeds 40000.

We had the pleasure to provide services to small companies and large corporations, providing us with the opportunity to learn their expectations.

By choosing Mechanik S you will be provided with a warranty for efficient machines with an advanced design, manufactured using the best materials and components.

We hope that our extensive product and service offering arouses your interest and convinces you to do business with us.










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number of completed machines:more than 250
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