Kaev 6005 receding head cutting press

Data sheet

Arm dimensions 1600 mm x 650 mm
Table dimensions 1600 mm x 650 mm
Pump motor 5,5 kW
Weight 3300 kg
Cutting force 40 ton

More info

Owing to special photo eye sensors, the machine ensures high safety of work.

It can operate in the semi-automatic and manual mode.

A feeder can be used for such a machine in order to automate the cutting process.

SCOPE OF OVERHAUL: KAEV 6005/40 receding head cutting press

Specific scope of overhaul – electrical part:

  • PLC SIEMENS S7 200.

  • Contactors, relays, thermal cutoffs and a SIEMENS power supply unit or equivalent.

  • Contact-free sensors.

  • New electrical cabinet.

  • Electric conductors.

  • Primary motor.

Specific scope of overhaul – safety devices:

  • Certified safety devices for such equipment.

  • Safety relay for operation monitoring.

Specific scope of overhaul – mechanical and hydraulic part:

  • New bearings.

  • New seals.

  • New hydraulic hoses.

  • Repair and replacement of the lubrication system.

  • Filter and oil replacement (180 l).

  • Coupling replacement.

  • Painting and maintenance.

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