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The company "Mechanik S" sp. z o.o. cordially invites you to read the article presenting our latest electric cutters, which appeared in the bimonthly "Plasctics in Industry", issue 3/2018. The magazine contains reliable information about new products in the industry as well as information about proven products and technologies. On pages 3 and 40 you will find basic information about our electric cutters, incl.: Bicox, MSP 2000, Dexa 1600, detailed description of which can be found on our website in the "Head cutting machine" tab, available HERE. If you are interested in our products, please contact us by email or phone with our advisor, who will give you all the answers you need. Individual issues of the journal are available online at the website: The journal is divided into thematic sections and reader can easily find interesting information.


We have adapted our website to these rapidly evolving times – both in technical and functional terms. The changes we have made will ensure that the content of our website will be transparent. The new version of is more than modern layout – it will enable you to easily and intuitively access information about our products and services. Our website can be viewed on mobile devices to ensure that we are always and everywhere at your disposal – whether you are at home or travelling. The website also offers the latest news concerning the life of our company and all necessary information about currently offered products and services – all this in an accessible, modern form.

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Pursuant to the Industrial Property Right Act of 30 June 2000, we have been granted a patent.



Today (4/9/2015) our workshop was transformed into a film set. The results of Jakub Ślęczka's work, a couple of shots, are presented below:

maszyna1.jpg maszyna2.jpg

Follow this link to view the film presenting the DEXA 1600 cutting machine.


A photo shoot was held at our company, involving Mateusz Kębka prior to his debut at WFF-WBBF Poland 2015.

The shoot was done by an amazing photographer- Jakub Ślęczka of the KubAd agency.


From 21/9/2015 to 24/9/2015, Z.P.U. “MECHANIK S” sp. z o.o. participated in the Poznań International Fair (MTP) – EPLA 2015 (Plastic and Rubber Fair).

At the fair, we presented our new product: DEXA 1600 full beam cutting press.

See our gallery (below) and visit the EPLA 2015 site - GALLERY.