Data sheet

Arm dimensions 450x350 mm
Table dimensions 900x400 mm
Pump motor 1,1 KW
Dimensions 1000x800x1300
Weight 500 kg
Cutting force 12 T

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The machine can be used in many fields of industry: shoe making, plastics processing, foil and paper industry and many others. Pressing force of the machine is 12 ton. Table dimensions are 900x400 mm. This type of pressing machine is widley used because of its high quality workmanship and reliability.

MISKRUS has an automatic central lubrication system, which reduces friction and extends time of use the machine. The use of an electronic time delay system ensures precision and high cutting quality. The columns, arm and other parts are made of high quality steel and are durable in use. Hight of pressing can be adjusted by the knob on the machine column and stroke by multi-turn potentiometer.

„Mechanik S” Company adapted the machine to EU requirements and CE marking by radically modernizing electrical system.
Thanks to machine is safe and we have documents confirming this.

Machines are adapted to the customer's needs. We offer profesional assistance and service.

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