SANDT cutting press

Data sheet

Max cutting force 1400 kN
Table dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Control DC electrical-hydraulic
Maximum distance of table from stamp 350 mm
Stroke 5-350 mm
Performance 45-50
The power motor 22 kW
Rotation speed 1440 rpm
Voltage 3x400V 50Hz
Control voltage 24V DC

More info

In the SANDT 614 full beam cutting press, the cutting motion of the head is done by two parallel hydraulic cylinders. The parallelism of the head in relation to the body during motion and in the resting position is ensured by four vertical guides and special plain bearings. Precision, i.e. parallelism and accurate height during cutting is ensured by mechanical stops. It can cut soft and semi-rigid materials.

Accuracy, efficiency, and reliability make this model of Sandt cutting press a very good choice for series production.

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