Data sheet

Max cutting force 100 tons
Table dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Weight 75000 kg
Accuracy 0,025
Continuously adjustable stroke 10-275 (option 10-475)
Maximum distance of table from stamp 300 mm (option 500, 750)
Drive Electrical
Min/ max. power 3/ 15 kW
Rotation speed 3080/ 2000 rpm
Voltage 3x380V 50 Hz
Drive type Servo
Control type Electrical-pneumatic

More info

MSP 2000 machine is a modern, precise press and can be used with any soft materials and medium hard materials, by means of dies. The press can be used in various sectors of the industry, e.g. automotive, polygraphy, paper, plastics, production of gaskets, packages, foils and many more. Innovative design using proven technologies allowed for developing modern machine and achieving unparalleled parameters comparing to prior art presses, i.e. hydraulic presses.

Performance MSP 2000:
  • Die for 4 details
  • 6 cut layers, 2 mm each
  • Top position 150 mm, bottom position 52 mm
  • Manually controlled automatic feed
  • Number of details per 1 shift (7.5 h) - 21 600
Machine features:
  • High cutting power up to 100 ton
  • High cutting precision 0.01 mm
  • Repeatability of precision cycles
  • Rate of operation
  • Quiet operation
 With hydraulic presses die is pressed to the material by means of actuators, which due, among other things, to the used medium, allow for high precision. Any mechanical solutions improving operating parameters necessitated application of precise and very expensive subassemblies and the required results was possible to achieve only at the beginning of operation and it deteriorated with wearing of these subassemblies. 
 Deviations necessitate correction of parameters each time. Because our mechaines employ new method of forcing the working motion of stamp, this enhances work effectiveness and allows for comfortable and quiet technological operations.
 High quality of subassemblies and the used technology significantly improves accuracy, thus reduces wearing of tools and consumables. The machine can be used for cutting large-sized elements from panel material or rolls made of one or more layers.
 Many-year long experience and know-how concerning production and repair of presses contributed to the production of a machine of outstanding parameters, unique construction and competitive price.
 The machine presented herien is also perfect for continuous operation (three-shift), it is reliable, fast and very precise. MSP 2000 allows for automatic kiss cutting.

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