MSP2000 - for the honeycomb

Data sheet

Max cutting force 100 ton
Arm dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Table dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Weight 7500 kg
Cutting force 1000 kN
Accuracy 0,025 mm

More info

MSP 2000 cutting machine for cutting out honeycomb cardboard.

When looking for a well-known, reliable and proven company with a range of honeycomb cardboard cutting machine, one should place trust in professionals experienced in their field.

That choice guarantees the reliability and robustness of the machines – a profitable investment for many years.

Our company boasts market presence since 2006, providing services and production of not only honeycomb cutting machines but also many others to the highest standard.

We are constantly evolving to offer the most modern and proven solutions available on the market.

Our goal is to provide our customers with top tier solutions.

The MSP 2000 cutting press is designed (patent pending) and manufactured by MECHANIK S.

The honeycomb cutting machine, is offered with various material feeding systems, such as

  • conveyor belt

  • automatic table

  • automatic drawer

MSP 2000 press with cutting dies for honeycomb cardboard.

Honeycomb texture is popularly known as a type of structure and technology to improve the protection of packaged products. It is used as a filling and cushioning material in packaging, boxes or on pallets.

Honeycomb boards are used in many industries, such as transport, construction, automotive, packaging and aviation.

Our machine is used to cut honeycomb cardboard. It successfully provides full control over the production process.

Honeycomb boards cut on the MSP 2000 press provide a better solution compared to traditional polystyrene fillings.

The provided video shows how our machine operates with the system for feeding sheets and cutting cardboard.

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