Ekonomical full beam press DEXA 1600

Data sheet

Table dimensions 1600 mm x 650 mm
Dimensions 2000 mm x 650 mm, height 1600 mm
Weight ca. 3 ton
Cutting force 50 ton
Stroke up to 200 mm
Daylight up to 400 mm

More info

 Within recent years, companies using full beam presses noticed the for machines that would satisfy EU requirements within the scope of safety, noise emission and environment protection. Such requirements also apply to economic machines, i.e. of low operation costs, lighter construction and fully versatile. In order to meet the demand,"MECHANIC S" company has designed DEXA 1600.
 Many year long experience in designing and repairing the machines allowed combining the best features of beam presses, avoiding faulty and defective solutions. Modern design of DEXA 1600 allows for its modernization and development, creating whole production lines. Many variants of additional equipment have been designed for the purposes of DEXA 1600, which are available at "MECHANIC S" together with the machine or which can be bought at later time.  There is also an option to design elememnts according to individual needs of clients.

Exemplary output of DEXA 1600:
  • blanking die for 4 pieces
  • 1 layer 2 mm
  • top position 150 mm
  • bottom position 50 mm
  • manual operation, manual loading
  • number of pieces per shift - 10 800 pieces

Benefits of the press:
  • high pressing force up to 50 ton
  • quiet operation
  • low energy consumption
  • touch screen
  • competitive price

 With DEXA 1600 full beam press, operating cycle of the stamp is performed by the craking mechanism. This solution can be used both while manual pressing and during lot production, it allows for uniform and fast operation, even up to 800 cycles/ hour. 
 Correct operation of the main motor is ensured by reliable inverter drive of Mitsubishi, that allows for precise stopping the stamp at a given position and adjusting rate of operation. DEXA 1600 press, in its basic version, is equipped with touch screen used to set operating parameters and read information. Between pressing cycles, the machine remains at rest, consuming minimum amount of energy, which fact can be translated to energy efficiency, thus reduction of operating costs. Height of pressing in the basic version is adjusted with the wheel, and in the advanced version with the buttons. 
 We are proud to present full beam press DEXA 1600. This is a modern press that can be applied in many branches of industry. Innovative design and additional tooling allows for its perfect matching to your production needs. Application of modern technology enabled the function of "accelerating" the machine together with the increase of productiveness as well as automation of the pressing process, using a loading or unloading machine. Its faultless operation widnes your company's financial portfolio and provides for its long-term operation.
We have special offer for our clients concerning 2 version of the machine - basic and advanced. Below you can find their parameters:

DEXA 1600P - basic
  • very quiet operation
  • low energy consumption
  • touch screen
  • manual height adjustment (wheel)
  • statistics (strokes, operation time, etc.)
  • counting and counting down the pieces functions
  • holders to install feeders machine
  • holders to install safety curtain
  • short lead time
  • competitive price
DEXA 1600Z - advanced
  • very quiet operation
  • low energy consumption
  • touch screen
  • height adjustment system (motor)
  • replaceable stamp aluminium plate
  • holders to install feeders machine
  • holders to install safety curtain
  • full automation and development option
  • front and rear lighting of working zone
  • statistics (strokes, operation time, etc.)
  • counting and counting down the pieces functions
  • diagnostics and reminder of service operations
  • automatic lubrication system
Additional equipment for both versions:
  • automatic/ manual feeder
  • guides for blanking die installation
  • safety curtain
  • automatic/ semi - automatic feeder (only for Z version)
  • replaceable steel plate of the stamp
  • system for automatic moving of the base plate (only for Z version)

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