MSP 2000 with a conveyor belt

Data sheet

Max cutting force 100 ton
Arm dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Table dimensions 2000 mm x 1050 mm
Weight 7500 kg
Cutting force 1000 kN
Accuracy 0,025 mm

More info

The MSP 2000 machine is a state-of-the-art precise cutting press used to cut all types of soft materials (up to medium hard materials) using cutting dies for the printing industry and steel-rule dies.

The MSP 2000 machine has been provided with many state-of-the-art solutions and functions, e.g.:

  • all drives are servomotors

  • material is fed using linear guides and a ball screw

  • ABS absolute measurement system

  • RTC real-time operation

  • supports barcode scanners

  • automatic report generation

  • LAN data exchange and diagnostics

  • Ethernet/IP (SCADA) data exchange

  • supports advanced systems (measurements, corrections and detection of deficiencies)

  • suitable for direct connection of robots, e.g., packing or sorting robots

as a result of which the machine is highly versatile and functional and can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • high cutting force: up to 100 tonnes

  • high cutting precision: 0.015 mm

  • repetitive precise cycles

  • low material use

  • low power draw

  • fast operation

  • very quiet operation

  • no hydraulic fluid


Manual feeder:

  • cutting dies for 4 workpieces

  • 6 cut layers, 2 mm each

  • top position: 150 mm, bottom position: 52 mm

  • manually controlled automatic feeder

  • number of workpieces per shift (7.5 hours) – 21 600

Automatic feeder:

  • cutting dies for 16 workpieces

  • 3 cut layers, 5 mm each

  • number of workpieces per shift – over 150 000


This cutting press can be used in many branches of industry, e.g.:

packaging, printing, automotive, papermaking, seal manufacturing, plastic processing and many others.


In hydraulic cutting presses, the die is pressed against the materials by cylinders, which do not enable accurate positioning due to the medium they use (among other things). All types of mechanical solutions improving the operating parameters required the use of accurate and very expensive components, and the desired effect was achieved only in the initial period of use and quickly deteriorated as those components wore out. The deviations required repeated adjustment of the parameters. Our machine uses a new method of forcing the cutting motion of the head, increasing operating capacity and enabling convenient and quiet cutting. The high quality of the components and the applied technology considerably increased capacity, reducing the wear of tools and consumable use.

The machine is suitable for large-format cutting from boards or rolls, from one or multiple layers.

Many years of experience and expertise in the manufacture and overhaul of cutting presses enabled us to manufacture a machine with phenomenal parameters, unique design and affordable price.

MSP 2000 is also suitable for continuous (triple-shift) operation as a reliable, quick and precise machine.

KISS CUTTING – the MSP 2000 machine enables automatic kiss cutting.

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